Property Division

Indiana and Kentucky Property Division Lawyers

Property division can be one of the most hotly contested matters in a divorce, particularly if a couple has accumulated significant assets.  In some cases, key property assets will not be cars and other tangible assets, but rather pension funds, retirement accounts, and business assets.

Asset Valuation

As divorce lawyers, we are experienced at helping clients identify the full nature of their assets so that a fair division of assets can be made.   In many instances, after all assets are identified, it will be important to have a valuation of such assets made.  Some assets, such as a business, will be subject to valuation in a number of different ways; the fair market value may be highly subjective.  We are familiar with various business valuation models that are used, and will work diligently in seeking a fair valuation for our clients.

Determining Property Division

Once all assets are identified, the division of assets must be agreed upon.  When there is valuable property at stake, this process can involve significant negotiation, especially as there may be a considerable difference of opinion in terms of the value of the assets.

In these situations we work with clients to determine their objectives, and then use creative problem solving  and tenacious negotiation in seeking to achieve these objectives.  If a settlement cannot be reached, we are well prepared to advance the case of our clients at trial.

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