Guardian Ad Litem

What is a Guardian ad litem? 

A guardian ad litem is a person appointed by a court to look out for the best interests of a minor or incapacitated adult in certain circumstances.  Unlike the appointment of a legal guardian (which can be a permanent appointment), a guardian ad litem appointment usually lasts only for the duration of a specific court proceeding.

Typical guardian ad litem appointments are for matters such as custody proceedings for children who have been abused or who are the subject of custody battles in a divorce, and in litigation concerning the welfare of an incapacitated adult.  Often the court will rely on the guardian ad litem to provide an assessment of the needs and best interests of the person whose welfare is the subject of the legal proceedings.

Our Attorneys are Passionate About Serving as Guardian Ad Litem 

Our attorneys frequently serve as guardian ad litem in a variety of cases.  We view the opportunity to serve as a guardian ad litem as more than an additional service – we view it as an opportunity to serve our community and those who need strong advocacy.

We have served as guardian ad litem for years.  For instance, Firm attorney Jenny White has served as guardian ad litem while in law school, where she frequently served and coordinated the activities of her law school’s guardian ad litem program.

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We typically provide guardian ad litem representation on a significantly reduced fee schedule, as we wish to make our services affordable to those who need representation the most.