Collection and Foreclosure Representation

Southern Indiana and Kentucky Collection and Foreclosure Attorneys

Financial institutions, businesses, and individuals who extend credit and financing to individuals and companies are not always paid on time.  In these cases, we are available to represent creditors in collection efforts against individuals and businesses.

In collections matters, the goal of our clients is usually to recover as much money as possible as quickly as possible.  As Indiana and Kentucky collection attorneys, we seek to recover money on behalf of our clients through demand letters, financing term renegotiation, additional security pledges, and judicial proceedings.

Strategic Collection and Creditor Representation

We establish the collection strategy of our clients at the outset of our engagement.  In many cases, our creditor clients will want us to act on a cost–benefit basis; in other words, they want us to take actions where the expected amount to be recovered is greater than the associated legal fees.  In other cases, our creditor clients have adopted specific policies that govern how collection efforts are to be undertaken.

Once a strategy is determined, we proceed in accordance with the wishes of our clients and keep them thoroughly informed throughout their matter.

Foreclosure Representation

A key aspect of our creditor collection and representation practice is centered on foreclosure representation.  In the foreclosure process, it is critical that all legally-required steps are carefully followed, as a failure to comply precisely with all requirements may give rise to homeowner rights that could impact the foreclosure process.

As Indiana and Kentucky foreclosure lawyers, we are knowledgeable with the laws of each of these states concerning foreclosure.  We prepare and file all legally-required documentation in the foreclosure process, and help our creditor clients by ensuring that the foreclosure process is handled correctly.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Please call us to learn more about our creditor and collection representation as well as debt settlement for clients in southern Indiana and Kentucky. 

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