Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Southern Indiana and Kentucky Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers

If you or your business is facing crushing debt, bankruptcy may be the best solution for your financial problems.

The Bankruptcy Code contains a number of “chapters,” which are specific to the type of bankruptcy being filed.  Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code concerns individuals and companies who wish to eliminate their debts by liquidating their assets and using the proceeds to pay creditors.  In a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, most debts (such as credit card debt) are discharged; however, there are certain types of debts (such as taxes) that are not discharged.

How We Represent Individuals, Couples, and Businesses in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

We represent individuals and couples filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection by:

  • Helping them determine whether bankruptcy is right for them based upon their financial condition,
  • Advising them of whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection is available to them based on the bankruptcy “means test,”
  • Helping them understand what assets are exempt from creditors,
  • Preparing the bankruptcy filings,
  • Representing them in bankruptcy court and in negotiations with the bankruptcy trustee, and
  • Answering questions and providing legal counsel concerning all other aspects of bankruptcy.

We Know That Bankruptcy Can Happen to Anyone

In most cases, bankruptcy is not the result of extravagant over-spending, but rather the result of job loss, divorce, a significant medical event, or unanticipated business failure. Bankruptcy happens to honest, hard-working people who suddenly face an insurmountable financial crisis.

We understand.

Our bankruptcy laws were enacted precisely to provide a fresh start so that those facing overwhelming debt can again be productive members of society.  As Jeffersonville bankruptcy lawyers, we’re here to help you through difficult financial times, and will be there by your side throughout the bankruptcy process.

Call Us to Learn About the Options that May be Available for Your Situation.

You have questions, we have answers.  We invite you to call us to learn about how we can help.  You can meet with us at a time convenient with your schedule.  Once we understand your situation, we can explain how we can help, the options that are available, and how the bankruptcy process works.

Let Us Help You Move Forward Today.

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