Domestic Relations Mediation

Indiana & Kentucky Domestic Relations Mediators

Disputes involving custody, parenting time, child support and related issues may arise between parents, either during the course of a divorce or later.  While parents need to focus on the needs of their children, often other matters and past issues prevent parents from being able to reach an agreement on their own.  Mediation can often be a solution when intractable differences and deadlocks arise, and a great alternative to resolution through the courts.

The mediation process offers parents and families an opportunity to collaborate in a positive and respectful manner regarding the best interests of the children involved, as well as any other matters that may exist between them.  Mediation is done in a safe, neutral environment, and there is no decision-maker.  The only decisions that result are the ones developed and agreed upon by the parties to the mediation.  

Let Our Experience Work for You

As Indiana and Kentucky divorce lawyers, we routinely help clients in matters concerning custody, parenting time, and many other matters.  As mediators, we are committed to helping parents focus on the needs of their children, and to employing creative problem solving so that they, and their children, will benefit.  Several firm attorneys are trained domestic relations mediators, and know how to help give families the tools and a neutral ground upon which to resolve conflict.

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