Elder Law

Southern Indiana and Kentucky Elder Law Lawyers

Aging presents many issues for individuals and families.  As parents grow older and require greater care, children are often faced with questions about the care options available, how care will be paid, and what legal protections need to be in place to ensure their parent’s wishes concerning medical treatment and their finances will be honored.

We serve families in Southern Indiana and Kentucky facing these and other related questions.  We work to explain the various legal documents that should be executed, including wills, trusts, general durable powers of attorney, healthcare directives, living will directives, and Do Not Resuscitate directives.

At a certain point, elderly parents may need the assistance of a son or daughter in paying bills and other expenses from their bank accounts.  Because joint accounts with a son or daughter can sometimes become a source of abuse (especially if the son or daughter is not in a good financial position), care must be taken to minimize the risk for the improper use of funds. Transfer on Death deeds may serve a purpose for your family. We can provide advice as to what can be done from a legal perspective in this regard.

We will even draft a trust to care for your pet or pets after you are gone.

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We can help you and your loved one plan for the challenges that come with aging and at the end of lfe.  Please call our firm to find out more.