Jenny Irwin

Jenny Irwin

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Practice Areas

  • Divorce
  • Domestic Relations Mediations
  • Family Law & Post Divorce
  • Guardianships
  • Probate & Estate Planning

Practice Overview

Attorney Jenny Irwin serves clients in guardian ad litem, probate, estate planning, divorce, paternity, and family law matters.

Ms. Irwin has long been active in representing the interests of children in the court system, and has served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for years dating back to law school.  She is passionate about seeing that the interests of vulnerable children are protected by the courts.

She is frequently appointed by courts to serve as a guardian ad litem, often in situations involving divorce, abuse, foster parenting, or parent inability to adequately care for their children (often due to incarceration, drug addiction, or psychological problems).  She offers courts and other parties reduced rates for guardian ad litem services.

Ms. Irwin’s probate practice is devoted to helping personal representatives fulfill their fiduciary obligations, including matters such as estate preservation, probate report filing, tax filing, creditor pay-off, and asset distribution according to will or intestate distribution statutes.  Her estate planning practice is dedicated to helping individuals and couples plan for the distribution of their estate, and to establishing living wills and healthcare directives and powers of attorney.

Her divorce practice is focused on providing objective-based representation in working towards achieving the goals that are of the most interest to clients, while minimizing, to the extent possible, matters that must be determined by the court.  She provides support and guidance for difficult family matters, including property division and parenting time arrangements.

Ms. Irwin provides paternity representation to both men and women.  She understands that men have a moral right to be involved in the lives of their children, as well as legal obligations to provide monetary support.  She assists men in paternity establishment and helping them to gain parenting time rights, and women in obtaining child support.

Her guardianship representation is focused on obtaining guardianship for minors whose parents may no longer be alive or who are otherwise not able to care for them, and for adults (particularly the elderly) who may be suffering from a mental condition (such as Alzheimer’s) who are unable to take care of their affairs.

How I Help Clients

While my practice covers a number of legal areas, my commitment to taking client matters to heart and the amount that I care for clients, particularly children, remains the same.  By nature I am not confrontational; my approach is to seek positive solutions whenever possible.  I believe that litigation generally should be a last resort when other solutions have failed.

I’m extremely devoted to the causes and matters of my clients, and diligent about developing solutions for them concerning their long-term interests.