Indiana and Kentucky Paternity Lawyers

Paternity not only concerns establishing who the legal father is, but also the attendant rights and responsibilities of fatherhood.  We represent both mothers and fathers in paternity matters.

For Mothers

Mothers typically seek our help in having a baby’s father identified for legal purposes, including those relating to child support.  Once fatherhood is established, the father will have the shared legal responsibility for the financial care of a child until the child becomes an adult.  The father may also have to share the responsibility for educational support if the child attends school after high school.

After fatherhood is established, if the father does not agree to an acceptable level of support, we may need to initiate litigation against the father in order to have the court establish the support that is required.  Once this has been done, we can then enforce such support orders, if necessary, against the father.

For Fathers

If you have fathered a child and are not named on the birth certificate as the father, we can help you establish your legal rights as a father. While you may be voluntarily granted parenting time soon after your baby is born, it is important to understand that this may not always be the case in the future, as a mother may later try to terminate your parenting time.

Additionally, it is important to establish your rights so that you may have a voice in how your child is to be raised. Without the establishment of your legal rights, the baby’s mother will have the sole right to make decisions concerning the welfare of the baby.

In some cases, important events can occur, such as the death of a mother or the hospitalization of a child.  Because decisions may be required immediately in these cases, it’s important that your rights are established well before these events arise, so that there will be no question about your legal authority to act in these circumstances.

How We Help In Paternity Matters 

We represent both mothers and fathers to see that their rights are protected, and so that the interests of their children are ultimately benefited.

Please call us to discuss your paternity matters – we can meet with you to explain how we can help and be of assistance.