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How is Indiana Child Support Calculated?

In divorce cases involving minor children and paternity cases, which involve children whose parents were never married, child support is always a hot topic. While both parents are required to financially support their children, in the majority of cases, one parent (the non-custodial parent) is obligated to pay child support to the other parent (the ...

Indiana Law Allows Certain Criminal Records to Be Expunged

Indiana Code 35-38-8 allows Indiana citizens with certain criminal offenses to seal their records. The law allows for anyone who has been acquitted, who has had a case dismissed or who has had a conviction vacated to restrict the public disclosure of their arrest record.

A Guardian What?

Courts often appoint individuals called Guardian Ad Litems in custody and parenting time disputes. Initially, most people involved in these disputes are not familiar with these individuals and do not understand their role is in their case. Guardian Ad Litems (“GALs”) are individuals appointed by the Court to look out for a child’s welfare.