Appellate Law

Southern Indiana and Kentucky Appellate Lawyers

When individuals, businesses, and organizations have received an unfavorable result at trial, we help clients in seeking to have such result overturned through appeal.

Appeals generally must be based upon an improper application of the law, an incorrect court ruling, or another trial court error.  An appeal cannot be made solely because a litigant is not happy with a jury verdict.

As Indiana and Kentucky appellate lawyers, our firm conducts a thorough review of trial transcripts and lower court proceedings to identify appealable matters.  Once these matters are identified, we next identify the associated standards of review for each matter, and work with clients to develop an appellate strategy.

The Appellate Strategy

The appellate strategy is usually focused around the matters that are most likely to succeed in an appeal.  In addition to identifying the appellate matters, we also identify the nature of the relief to be sought (such as a new trial).  Once these matters have been determined, we prepare the appellate brief and engage in oral arguments (when requested by the appellate court).

Preserving a Win

Litigants who have won at the trial court level may find their case being appealed by the opposing party.  In this case, we are available to help successful litigants preserve their win by examining the merits of the appeal by their opponents, and preparing an appellate brief opposing any assertions by the non-prevailing party for a new trial or another outcome.

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